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RPEG Wireless LED Button Box

RPEG Electronics

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Wirelessly Control your pc arcade front end with the RPEG Wireless LED Button Box!


-6 LED Arcade Buttons

- Sends simple 1,2,5,6, ESC, and CTRL+B

- Easy Bluetooth Connectivity

- Can also be used wired by directly connecting usb cable to pc

- LED on/off switch

This button box is in always on mode, and will sleep after about 3 minutes on non use to conserve battery. 

To pair simply plug the button box into a usb charger with the included usb C cable, open up bluetooth on your pc and select Sayo Device.  

Battery life lasts approximately 24 hours with constant use, but can be in sleep more about 3 days

The Switch only turns off the LED, the buttons themselves will still function.

Charges via USB C cable

Everything else is preset for you!

 3D Printed and Hand Made in US