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Aimtrak / Guncon1 to GUN4IR Conversion Service


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Send your original or recoil Aimtrak / Guncon1 for conversion to Gun4IR.

Currently we only ship to US

Created with Gun4IR by JB


This is ONLY guaranteed compatible with PC as a mouse. The emulator / game itself still needs configuration and needs to support light gun games! If youre not sure , please message us before purchase!

 Other systems MAY be compatible  but only pc can run the gui to configure and calibrate. Pi emulator setup is a pain and RPEG Electronics does NOT provide Roms, Images, or emulator setup support. Other systems like mac, linux, Atgames, pandoras box, etc.... may work, but we are not responsible for them. It takes alot of advanced experience with configs. 

Warranty on mod services and pre mods is 30 days from date of receipt. 


LEDs must be placed on the back of your monitor, not responsible if your cabinet can’t fit or remove the monitor . Extreme home arcades tends to have this issue.

Turn off all wii bars, dolphin bars, and aimtrak sensors. It will interefere!

Also turn off any active marquees when calibrating.


RPEG Electronics does NOT provide any instructions on Roms, Emulators, or setup. We only promise itll work as a very accurate mouse.

Setup is identical to aimtrak and there are many guides available on YouTube.

Return Priority shipping is included. US only.


  • 4 Easy to peel and stick IR Sensors for 32 or 65 inch screens.
  • Converting your Aimtrak into Gun4IR
  • GUI License to change settings like button config and calibration
  • Fisheye Lens Adapter Sold Seperately

The minimum playing distance without the fisheye lens is 2x your monitor size. So if you have a 32 inch monitor youll need 64 inches of distance for the gun to see the led sensors. Using the fish eye lens is about 1.5x distance.

FISH EYE LENS ADAPTER SOLD SEPERATELY! Only really needed for oversized screens and short distances.

 Larger screens can also be supported, please message me before purchase for extra large sized screens.


Includes the Gun4IR GUI License (Will be Emailed to you! Check your spam folder!)

GUI Download

User Guide Download


* Due to the nature of the aimtraks original recoil, It has been known to overheat and stop after about 3 min of continuous fire. To counter this , my custom recoil circuit can adjust the timings of the recoil and I will adjust it to a safer point. However I do recommend using a 12v 2-4A power supply instead of a 36v. The recoil still feels great and overheating is less common, but still possible. This is simply due to the fact that the solenoid is not a 12 or 24v arcade quality one, but rather a 6V solenoid that is being overvoltage to get a bigger kick. So basically itll work but no guarantee on how long since its not my own solenoid. 




Completion time is 7 business days (Mon-Friday) after your Aimtrak is received. 

After purchasing, please send your Aimtrak to:

RPEG Electronics 

138-10 Franklin Ave Apt 14E

Flushing, NY 11355



Please include a sheet of paper with your Name, Address, Email, and Cell when shipping your product to us.

 Prices are very subject to change due to high demand and amount of labor that goes into these.

Contact Ray at RPEG Electronics Directly! 


Text: 6467054951