All Karaoke orders placed after 1/15 will ship out 1/30/23 for CNY holiday

Warranty Policy and Return Policy

There is absolutely NO refunds or returns on ANY products we sell to prevent abuse.

All Karaoke Products including Inandon Systems, Harddrives, Mics, and Amplifiers have a 1 Year Limited Warranty with RPEG Electronics directly from the day it was purchased.

We are 100% NOT responsible for stolen packages. Once it is delivered, your order is considered complete. 

Warranty does NOT cover water damage, physical damage, incompetence and misuse, incorrect setup resulting in damage, or simply "I don't know how to use it reasons". We are not Amazon and will never sell on amazon. 


Any product that is defective within reason will be repaired or replaced and shipped back to you in the United States ONLY.


All Arcade products have a 90 day (from day marked delivered) warranty against defects fand follow the same rules are above.


We do NOT ship outside of the United States currently , if you choose to send products to a mail forwarding service , the responsibility for import taxes and damaged items is 100% on you. 

Contact Ray at 646-705-4951 or if you have any questions.