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Gun4IR High Powered Black LED Sensors


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Want to set up a second screen with Gun4IR? 

Now you can with our extra LED sets.

New Ultra High Power Black LEDS

High Power is made with 3x brightness and high angle Black LEDs and most suitable for big screens which require more distance. On small screens you may need a simple dimmer to lower the power to avoid reflections. (Use USB 1-2A ports for best performance)


LEDS come premade at a right angle for the attaching to the back of the monitor for the most discrete placement. But can also be straightened to placing on sides for monitors with thicker backs. 

For larger than 65 inch screens use two sets of leds in an L shape. 

All handmade in NYC. 


-4 Prewired LEDS

- New custom factory made cable with on off switch

- 4 Gel Tabs for attaching to monitor.

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- Free Shipping in the US only.


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