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Gun4IR Premium Guncon 2 With Rumble Feedback


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Ready to plug  and play system made with a real vintage Namco GunCon 2 From Japan!

Gun4IR is Copyright © by Jean-Baptiste Bongrand 2019-2021, All Rights Reserved.


  • The Guncon2 
  • GUI License to change settings like button config and calibration
  • Fish Eye Lens for closer game play
  • LED Sensors not included! Sold seperately

More Buttons More Fun!


-Trigger = Left Click

-Bottom Slapping Action = Esc

-Right Button = Middle Click Special Weapons

-Left Button = Reload

-Full Up, Down, Left Right D-Pad

-Start and Select Buttons Mapped to 1 and 5 for MAME support!

- Usb Powered Rumble Vibration on Every shot! 

Great for playing games like time crisis 5 one handed!



The minimum playing distance without the wide angle lens is approx 1.5x your monitor size. So if you have a 32 inch monitor youll need 64 inches of distance for the gun to see the led sensors. Using the included fish eye lens is about 1x distance. 

Larger than 65 inch screens can also be supported, please message me before purchase for extra large sized screens.

Includes the Gun4IR GUI License (Will be Emailed to you! Check your spam folder!)


No Modding or DIY work needed! Ready to play out of the box!


Please note: These are all handmade DIY products using vintage good condition light guns. There may be minor imperfections such as small scratches but nothing that will affect game play. 


Ships fast from NYC!


Contact Ray at RPEG Electronics Directly! 


Text: 6467054951