Premium Gun4IR Jolt Upgrade Service for Existing Clients

RPEG Electronics

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THIS IS A UPGRADE SERVICE FOR EXISTING CLIENTS ONLY ! You Must send us your existing Gun4IR Jolt for Upgrading.

Currently we only ship to US


Has full auto fire recoil action! The Norcon / Gun con Switch has been modded to turn the recoil on and off. Secondary slide switch has no function. All gun buttons work as left, right, and middle mouse click. Pedal can also be used as a 4th button to reload or esc or anything else. 


  • Recoil on off switch mod
  • Rattle sound removed.
  • Fish Eye Lens Mod
  • Single Flex Cable Mod
  • LED Power Indicator Mod
  • Pedal can be used for any keyboard key!
  • Shipping Back is FREE

The recommended minimum playing distance  is 2x your monitor size. So if you have a 32 inch monitor you'll need 64 inches of distance for the gun to see the led sensors.

Larger screens can also be supported, please message me before purchase for extra large sized screens.


Ships fast from NYC!


Completion time is 3-4 business days (Mon-Friday) after your Jolt is received. 

After purchasing, please send your Jolt to:

RPEG Electronics

138-10 Franklin Ave Apt 14E

Flushing, NY 11355



Please include a sheet of paper with your Name, Address, Email, and Cell when shipping your product to us.

Contact Ray at RPEG Electronics Directly! 


Text: 6467054951