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Time Crisis Style Gun4IR With Recoil

RPEG Electronics

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Enjoy True Arcade Action with this new and improved Time Crisis GUN4IR MOD!



- Original Namco now available too!

- Real Sliding Recoil (24V Power Supply NOT Included)

- Reproduction Time Crisis has rumble, authentic japan Pink Blue Does Not

- 2 Additional Metal Buttons for one handed reload

- New factory cable

- Matching color Fish Eye Lens

- GUN4IR Software and License (Will be emailed to you)

- Free Shipping to anywhere in the US. 

- LED Sensor Set and Power Supply for Recoil Sold Separately!



*This is the after market arcade replacement version of the original NAMCO Time Crisis 2/3 Guns.


*Prices are based on the cost of parts + Labor. This is a niche product that is still 100% hand modded one at a time in USA. 

There are slight variations of from this version to the original , mainly addition of rumble, slightly more tactile trigger, and screw placements on the bottom. 

Recoil is loud and strong and can be disabled for silent rumble only play.

Recommended Power Supply: https://a.co/d/838B7Gx



Currently we only ship to US

Gun4IR is Copyright © by Jean-Baptiste Bongrand 2019-2021, All Rights Reserved.

This is ONLY guaranteed compatible with PC as a mouse. The emulator / game itself still needs configuration and needs to support light gun games! If you’re not sure , please message us before purchase!

Other systems MAY be compatible  but only pc can run the gui to configure and calibrate. Pi emulator setup is a pain and RPEG Electronics does NOT provide Roms, Images, or emulator setup support. Other systems like mac, linux, Atgames, pandoras box, etc.... may eventually work, but we are not responsible for them. 

Warranty on mod services and pre mods is 30 days from date of receipt. 

LEDS Sensors are powered by 5V USB ONLY! DO NOT USE ANYTHING BIGGER! ( Sold Separatey) 

LEDs must be placed on the back of your monitor, not responsible if your cabinet can’t fit or remove the monitor . Extreme home arcades tends to have this issue.

Turn off all wii bars, dolphin bars, and aimtrak sensors. It will interefere!

Also turn off any active marquees when calibrating.


RPEG Electronics does NOT provide any instructions on Roms, Emulators, or setup. We only promise itll work as a very accurate mouse.

Setup is identical to aimtrak and there are many guides available on YouTube.


Contact Ray at RPEG Electronics Directly! 

Email: RPEGElectronics@gmail.com

Text: 6467054951

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raymond.dai.5