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VP2000 Karaoke Mixer for Home Theaters / PA Speakers

RPEG Electronics

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Easily transform your home theater system into a karaoke experience with our VP2000 Mixer.

Only for use with self-powered speakers, amplifiers, or receivers. This is only a mixer, cannot be used to power passive speakers like BMB speakers.

Simply plug connect your karaoke player, phone, or TV audio output via RCA (Red / White), Optical, or Bluetooth to the mixers input. Then connect the XLR output to your amplifier or powered speakers. Last connect your mics to any of the 1/4 input mic ports, and you're ready to sing!

For best results set your home theater receiver to All Channel Stereo Mode.

Small home theater speakers with tweeters less than 1" may not do well with microphone sound.

RPEG Electronics makes no guarantees on the results of the sound quality since this will be largely dependent on your own sound system.


-Features full range music, echo, and mic tuning.  

- Two sets of mics can be tuned independently

- High powered mic volume boost.

- Inputs: Digital Optical, RCA, Bluetooth, USB drive mp3 play back.

- Supports up to 4 separate mic inputs, both wired and wireless can be used. 

- Output: Balanced XLR (RCA converter included)


-RCA Input Cables

- XLR to XLR Cables for connecting powered PA Speakers

- XLR to RCA Cables for connecting stereo amplifiers and home theater receivers.


Microphones not included*